This year we spent our Christmas in Texas! My whole side of the family lives down there within a few hours of each other. Being there during the winter makes me miss the warm weather and Texas skies like crazy! I mean, I love my mountains, but it was so nice to get out of the snow and bitter cold for a whole week. This year I made most of the gifts for family.

One of my main Make-it Christmas gifts this year were aprons! This was my go-to gift for all the girls in my family. I decided to use mostly fabrics I already had on hand and make these cute ruched aprons. Each one took a little over an hour, but that might be slightly off since I cut them out and everything all at the same time to make it easier and faster. I used this pattern. Super simple, easy, but cute.

My favorite part is that it has pockets so you can put in your cooking spoon, some eggs, or whatever you need! img_20161225_165421img_20161225_165424

I love these girls and they are all gorgeous 🙂 Also, I love Texas, 60+ degrees on Christmas and felt amazing!


I made matching ones for mom and daughter! and making one for L’s doll too! I LOVE matching outfits.img_20161225_165433_1

classic 90’s band photo.


I just think they all turned out SO cute! and I got to finish the edges with my brand new serger! (My Christmas present, literally the only thing I asked for) Aprons are just so fun to wear in the kitchen, or when you are eating if you are messy like me. Seriously, I always manage to spill on myself. I am amazed by people like my husband who somehow never drop a crumb. I also made a pink one in the same fabric pattern as my mom’s for me to wear! I didn’t have an apron so I am pretty excited to have a cute one now. I am also making cute less frilly aprons for the little boys! They really wanted some too, so I will have a post on those soon!


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