diy tote bag

I promise I haven’t been TOTALLY slacking, in fact I have been sewing like a madwoman lately but a lot of the things I have been sewing are for Christmas gifts soooo we will have to wait another month before I can post about them. However there are a few projects I can talk about already! The first one is this cute tote!

Recently I have been giving sewing lessons to a friend from church! It has been really fun, and we made some cute totes for her first project.20161117_111207

We tried to choose a tote that would work well as a church bag, and be basic, but still interesting. I found this tutorial on pinterest and loved it because it has pockets! It was slightly more difficult than the most basic of tote bags, but still definitely a good beginner project. I especially love the weight of it, they add in lightweight batting to help stabalize it more which I think is pretty brilliant.

I made a couple of totes myself before we got too far in the project, since it had been several years since I last attempted any sort of bag. I think they turned out pretty cute! I just used some fabric I had in my stash that I had no plans for.img_20161121_173920-1img_20161121_173949-1