Angel Dresses

Recently at an activity for my church, they did a service project, making angel dresses. Angel dresses are dresses or little tuxedos made for babies who pass away at birth. This way the parents don’t have to think of how to dress their angel baby while they are going through something so difficult already. They get to choose a dress or tuxedo for free, that someone lovingly made for them. When the unthinkable happens, these dresses can be some small form of comfort.

When I realized that we were running a bit behind at the activity I took some fabric and lace to hand sew at home so that I could make a few extras.

This is a great beginner project. The dresses are very simple, and easy to make. They are made from old donated wedding dresses and lace. You can find out more about this and other opportunities  at justserve.orgimg_20161030_125234IMG_20161030_130941.jpgIMG_20161030_130937.jpgimg_20161030_130934img_20161030_130929img_20161030_130925


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