Angel Dresses

Recently at an activity for my church, they did a service project, making angel dresses. Angel dresses are dresses or little tuxedos made for babies who pass away at birth. This way the parents don’t have to think of how to dress their angel baby while they are going through something so difficult already. They get to choose a dress or tuxedo for free, that someone lovingly made for them. When the unthinkable happens, these dresses can be some small form of comfort.

When I realized that we were running a bit behind at the activity I took some fabric and lace to hand sew at home so that I could make a few extras.

This is a great beginner project. The dresses are very simple, and easy to make. They are made from old donated wedding dresses and lace. You can find out more about this and other opportunities  at justserve.orgimg_20161030_125234IMG_20161030_130941.jpgIMG_20161030_130937.jpgimg_20161030_130934img_20161030_130929img_20161030_130925

Finding Nemo Family Costume

img_20161031_182635This years costume theme was Nemo! The little mister was Nemo, I was Darla, and my hubby was the dentist! We had a Very long list of possibilities for costumes, and eventually settled on little mister’s favorite, since he is a Nemo fanatic. I decided to just dye a onesie since it was just too difficult to find a long sleeve one in the right color for under $20. I bought a 4 pack of carter’s onesie’s that came out to about $4.50 a onesie and got a bottle of Rit dye for $2 that I only used maybe 1/4 of. I also thrifted some orange sweatpants for $2 so that he stays nice and warm. I bought some fleece to make the fins, stripes, and hat. I sewed it all together, but it could have all been hot glued just as easily.

For hubby’s costume, we borrowed a set of scrubs from his brother who works in the medical field and put on a name tag with the address, easy peasy.

For my costume I hit up the thrift store, found an oversize purple long sleeve for $3, which i had my sis-in-law who is a wizard on a cricut make the decal for, and a skirt for $5, I thought I would have to take the skirt in, but women’s sizing is just straight up confusing and the size 12 actually fit just right. I made the headgear using tin foil, and some ribbon. I borrowed a button up shirt, and long white socks from my husband, and just wore some sneakers since I don’t own any mary jane’s.

It was soo fun to make it all and we even won one of the categories at my hubs work party costume contest! Made staying up late finishing it very worth it. Plus watching my cute toddler run around as a fish all day was priceless!

Sorry that there are no process pictures, my camera lens got busted and I am currently waiting on a replacement. img_20161031_153514

don’t mind that I look like a psycho in most of these. lol. oh and my hair is pink cause why not.img_20161031_183010img_20161031_183423

He was so sweet! my cutie learned how to say “trick-or-treat” and was very good aboiut saying “Thank you” at every single house! now if I could have just gotten him to wear his hat… img_20161031_182635

Happy Halloween! hope y’all had a good one!