Featured Dress- Nicole

Nicole’s dress was my very favorite. mostly because it is more than one dress! It is actually two dresses in one. Nicole and her mom came to me to see if I would be interested in some custom work that could go into my portfolio since they knew I had just graduated and was looking to start doing some side work. We had a couple of consultations and I drew up some sketches. The mom wanted to see if there was a way to use parts of her wedding dress for Nicole’s dress, but Nicole also wanted it to be very new and unique to her tastes. Challenge accepted. We changed things up sooo much during the process. we went from a zippered back to a lace up back, we made the lace overdress completely detachable from the gold underdress, we added pearls and swarovski crystals to add some bling, and I used 3 different types of lace which I had to hand dye to get them all the same color. This dress took more time than I have ever spent on any one project my entire life, but it was soo gorgeous in the end that I didn’t even mind (seriously though, over 100 hours of hand sewing with heirloom lace cause there ain’t no way after hand dying it and carefully taking it off of vintage dresses that I was going to let my machine possibly ruin it, plus with all the placement of it the machine was ineffective anyway) not to mention the time spent patternmaking, carefully cutting and sewing, and even several hours just sketching and planning. It was such a stunner on her and on the runway though. img_1353img_1356

Just dreamyimg_1385img_1404img_1407

NIcole actually injured her foot days before the fashion show but luckily my wonderful photographer friend Krista was able to step in and wear it for the show! 12828938_681093912033215_6674577883025192781_o

photo cred: mommyandkumquat.com

you know you have good friends when they are willing to wear a dress and get photographed like a zillion times for you,when you know they prefer to be behind the scenes as much as you do!

Photographer Krista Sperry Photography

Flowers by Pam’s floral design

Model Nicole Russon



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