Long worn

For slow fashion October, this week’s theme is long worn. How can we make the most use out of the clothes that we already have?

Today I will tell you about my favorite pair of jeans. These babies have lasted me about 7 years now. I bought them before college and the stretch and slight distressing was awesome. Of course that slight distressing turned into major distressing more quickly than I had hoped. I am pretty rough on jeans in general and these ones were showing it. But I LOVED them, giant knee rips and all.268931_10150237068533128_5910068_n267480_10150237070098128_1077018_n

these were from a fun little shoot with a friend after a summer fighting an autoimmune illness I was finally feeling more myself again and we celebrated by taking these pictures. Of course in my beloved jeans.

After I got married my husband got tired of the giant holes and told me to retire my beloved pair of jeans. I hid them in the closet and came up with plans to refashion them so I could wear them again. I came up with a brilliant plan! I sewed lace into the knee holes so it would be all pretty and kind of put together! except… the skinny jeans made any sort of maneuvering impossible with my sewing machine, so I hand sewed them, and promptly ripped the stitches in the first few wears. I hid them back in the closet for close to a year. I still couldn’t give up that perfect stretch and comfort level that these jeans possessed.

Then I got pregnant and no longer cared how holey any clothing was as long as I could get it to work with my growing belly. Jeans that stretched so well in the bum were a perfect thing to wear! I used them with rubber bands, I used them with a belly band, and I used them for this extremely classy Christmas picture 😉img_20141130_192017img_20141130_191716-smile

this was about 4 weeks before baby chubs was born. This was our Christmas card picture. So much class.

This pair of jeans I was able to wear again days after giving birth. Made me feel so good to fit back into some sort of jeans. Then, this summer I realized I was seriously lacking in the shorts department, so I took the plunge and turned them into knee length cutoffs, cutting them right above the giant knee holes. I have worn these jeans hundreds of times. They are still being worn on any day that is warm enough. It is rare that you find such a magnificent pair and hope I can keep them for several years to come.img_20150118_164011

see? Chubs was like a week old… and apparently super upset, but I am wearing those jeans for the zillionth time!20160823_16204020160823_154007

and finally they have come to be used as the ultimate mom shorts. Still comfortable, still make my butt look good, and still to be worn maybe a hundred more times. Also, in case you were wondering I got them at Pacsun on sale, bullhead denim skinnies. I haven’t found any that fit quite the same from there since though.

I have owned 3 pairs of jeans that have lasted like this and I loved the fit and feel of. I have also owned 20+ pairs that I did not love nearly as much. I have found that thrift stores often have better jeans and since they are slightly worn, you can tell how they will continue to wear. Also, they sell denim patches that you can iron on in places that are getting too worn, so they can live to see another day without an embarrassing tear. I hope you all are able to find that one pair of jeans that just fits better than all the others and makes you feel dang good! What is your favorite piece of clothing? What has lasted the longest, and did you do anything to make it last longer?


2 thoughts on “Long worn

  1. I recently ironed on material from one shirt under the lace cutouts in a other shirt, thus making it so I could wear it by itself without altering, a must in this hot climate.


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