Slow Fashion October

I have decided to participate in slow fashion October and this past weeks theme was introductions.

I got interested in slow fashion when I was studying at BYU. I was in a class where we started to barely scrape the surface of environmental impacts of making clothes, and talked a little bit about just how much waste there is in the industry and by the consumers (each consumer throws away an average of 35 pounds of clothing per year). I was fascinated and started to dig in and research things more closely. There is just a ton of information out there. I started to make some changes in my own lifestyle so that my consumption patterns were lessened. I stopped impulse shopping, which was a blessing for both the environment and my wallet. I took sewing more seriously and either refashioned or sewed a lot of my own clothes. If there was just a little thing wrong with clothes I had bought I would actually fix them. I got rid of A LOT of my clothing and I still have loads. I stopped buying cheap clothing that wouldn’t last. In the past year, everything that I have bought has been worn at least 30 times, and I have loved the clothes. I spent a little extra, but that little extra made the difference between 1-5 wears to 30+ wears. Also because I was buying less clothing, it actually ended up costing less overall. All I bought in fact was maybe up to 7 shirts and 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of shoes, and some socks. I did however get a lot of hand me downs, so that really made it easier to not go out and buy so much.20160524_174441

This was one of my tshirt buys cause if I am honest I basically only wear t-shirts and jeans or yoga pants, since my pre-baby silk and dryclean only clothing gets destroyed during a normal day with a toddler running about.

My plan for this October is to thrift or refashion all of our clothing for Halloween and our Christmas card. Try to learn more about where to source sustainable materials for an at-home sewer, as well as learning a new natural dying technique if I manage to find the time. I also plan to make a few pieces of clothing using my fabric stash, I always try to use my fabric in such a way that there is very little to no waste. One last thing I plan to do is scour the thrift stores in the area for some gently used toddler clothing as my little one has been having another growth spurt and really ought to go up a size in pants and shirts as most of his clothing has been turning into floods and belly shirts haha. 20160930_174718

see? his pants are all short. He is just growing up too fast!

Are you interested in slow fashion? Is there anything that you would like to learn more about in regards to it? How to thrift shop effectively, or how to fix buttons or zippers to make your clothes last longer? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Slow Fashion October

  1. I think the last time I bought clothes in a real store was… Actually, I can’t remember. I only buy at thrift stores for a few reasons: one, it’s way cheaper, by a LOT, two, it’s actually possible to find jeans that fit me properly, which is impossible in clothing stores, and three, I like wearing unique clothing that I know no one else is wearing. Granted, my clothing LOOKS somewhat plain, because that’s my style, but I’ve never had the awkwardness of realizing I’m wearing an identical outfit as someone else, or of wearing clothes that don’t 100% suit me.

    The only exceptions I make to buying used clothes is shoes, bras and underwear. And even then, my church shoes are all used. I only buy new sneakers and running shoes because those need to be comfortable and last a long time. The biggest down side I suppose is that my T-shirts don’t last as long before getting those annoying tiny holes around my waistline. Even then, though, I’m not certain newer clothing wouldn’t have the same problem.

    Actually, do you have any advice for that? The best solution I’ve been able to find is to stick another piece of cloth there for stabilization, but that makes a bulky area in my thinner shirts and doesn’t work for prevention unless I put it there as soon as I get the shirt. Is there something I can put over my jeans to prevent this?

    (PS, your blog requires people to sign in to comment. I dont know if you’ve had problems with spam or what, but I thought I’d let you know just in case.)


    • thanks so much for commenting! and for telling me about the sign in thing. I will work on making that so anyone can comment. Still figuring out this wordpress thing 🙂 I have actually been searching for a solution to the tiny holes problem for some time. I have lost several favorite shirts to that. so far all I have come up with is layering more often, but that can prove to be too hot or difficult much of the time. I will do some more research and see if I can come up with a better solution and let you know! also, I have had it happen in newer shirts just as often haha my thrift store finds typically last close to as long if not longer.


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