Fashion Show

In February I was lucky enough to be able to participate in Utah Fashion Week, having a bridal line in the up-and-coming show. It was so much fun and I loved the challenge!


picture credit: Krista Sperry photography

I made 5 dresses. Trying to do a wide range while keeping them cohesive. The thing that really stands out is my use of up-cycled material. I used a few dresses that were now older and out of style, in desperate need of a revamp, as well as scrap fabric I already had. For one dress in particular I was commissioned to make a custom dress that was actually 2 dresses in one, a gold formal under dress with a lace up back which can be worn on its own, and a sheer over dress, that can attach to the gold dress, where I had attached the lace from the mothers dress, which I also matched with some other laces I had saved from other dresses. The rest of the pieces I had in the show were just made to show the kind of work I can do. 12791024_674726389336634_6964959228150252348_n

picture credit: Krista Sperry Photography12828938_681093912033215_6674577883025192781_o

picture credit:

For each dress I took the models measurements, created the pattern from scratch taking into account the amount of fabric I had to be able to use, and spent a lot of time making it all work together. The lace took the longest to work with by far, between placing the lace, and hand sewing the vintage lace to the dresses I spent over 100 hours. I had as many fittings as I needed to ensure a good fit for each model. I was soo lucky too because my models and photographer were amazing to work with! One model actually got injured two days before the show and my photographer/friend stepped in as my model! She saved me a lot of stress on the day of.20160225_19453120160204_14495320160128_22100412719258_673903439418929_2539617701579429653_o

picture credit: Krista Sperry Photography

I’m not sure if I will do another fashion show for a few more years. Doing 5 wedding dresses in a matter of a couple months was really pushing it while caring for an active toddler who wasn’t sleeping through the night, but once we have made it through toddlerhood I would love to go back to doing fashion shows. However, in the meantime, I am loving doing projects for myself and others.


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