Taking in Pants using Elastic

My mom came to visit me a few weeks back (already missing her like crazy!) and needed some help altering her clothes. I remember growing up my moms dad would come visit and we would just have this giant pile of clothing that would need fixing! I think I may be turning into my grandma but I kind of love that it’s another connection I have with her. I’ve been slowly making my way through my long list of alterations and sewing projects and I will try to keep the blog better up to date with my progress!
This one is such a simple fix for a pair of pants! My mom has a quite excellent rear end (Kim K would be jealous) with an itty bitty waist, i.e. the woman has curves. So the goal was to simply nip in the waist so she wouldn’t have to wear a belt all the time. It also took only about 15 minutes start to finish. It could have been a bit cleaner, but I am pleased with how it turned out, and it works really well for my mama.
*Note: this method is preferably used when you only need to take the waist in a few inches
-fabric scissors
-1″ wide elastic
-first stretch out elastic along area of pants you want to take in, cut when you have the right lengthelastic-take-in-2
-Pin the elastic stretched out, it will scrunch back up, but you will stretch it as you sew.elastic-take-in-4elastic-take-in-3
-Sew within a 1/4″ of top edge while stretching out the elastic
-sew within 1/4″ of top edge of the elastic.elastic-take-in-6elastic-take-in-5
-trim the strings and voila it is done!

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