Elena Kids Costume

Recently Disney came out with a new show called Elena of Avalor, and it’s actually pretty good! My niece convinced me to watch it with her a few times and I would be lying if I said I didn’t actually watch every single episode because I liked it. Also, I have been teaching this same niece how to sew lately! So for her birthday she requested that I make her a dress like Elena and that she would like to help. I am super excited that she likes sewing and crafting with me and her mommy! Whenever I babysit I just let her and my toddler go to town on my machine and they have a great time creating with scraps. So anyways, her parents asked if I would be willing to make it since the Disney version was a little pricey since it is so new, and I was more than happy to get to sew for her. Also, she got her own sewing machine for her birthday! I am sooo excited to have more lessons with her! elena-dress
I made the pattern just tracing over a dress of hers that fits her well, and adding 1/2″ seams all around. For the ruffle I just got a 1/2 a yard and cut it into 3 inch strips and basted and gathered one edge.
– I made the skirt in 3 layers, lining, sheer and glittery, and skirt fabric, basting the tops at  1/4 1/2 and 3/4 inches, then gathering it all, and then sewing all seams (2 side seams and in the middle back but leaving that one undone a few inches to add the zipper in later)elena-skirt-1elena-dress-2
-The next step was to cut the front to have the slit to show the under skirt, I just eyeballed this and hoped for the best. haha probably not the safest way, but it turned out cute!elena-skirt-3
– I hemmed the lining and the sheer chiffon layer but left the red layer alone since I was going to finish that with a ruffle at the end.
-First I sewed the side and shoulder seams of both lining and red fabric
-second I basted and gathered a ruffle and sandwiched the gathered edge between the lining and red fabric on the collar edge and sewed that up.
– for the sleeveless armholes I would usually finish that with some bias tape but I didn’t have any and didn’t want to take the time to make one I just sewed the armhole edge at 1/4″ and then basically just treated it like I was hemming it to the inside. simple but effective.
I sewed the whole belt together at the side seams and then sewed it to the waist of the dress.elena-top-2elena-top-1elena-top-3elena-top-4
-I sewed the bottom of the belt to the skirt adjusting the gathers to be even around.
– I added a zipper in the back
– I added the ruffle
-All done and ready to play!
Also, in case you think sewing with kids is easy I thought I would include the disaster area/ behind the scenes when I was trying to take a picture of the dress! Gotta love toddlers! I wouldn’t have it any other way20160916_132022

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